It’s Friday, most of you guys know the drill. Leggo.

one-thousandtimesover. You are one of those people who I’ve followed for a while and who followed me back and then suddenly changed their picture and url so I have no fucking idea who you are. :c Rebekah. Rebekah Rebekah Rebekah…DDDDDDD’: I’M SO SORRY I DON’T REMEMBER SCHOOL’S STARTING AND I’M A FUCKING MESS PLEASE FORGIVE ME!  Maybe you are new and I’m crazy. ;~; Please tell me I’m not crazy. Anyway, your blog is the shit and I enjoy the fact that you reblog my things. Thank you sooo much c:

heatherwanderer. You’re my newest follower~ :D WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! There’s about thirty eight of you now, very exciting. Congrats on being on my biggest fans Friday thing! You’re damn impressive if you’ve just started following me and you already are third place. Good job. Love you <3

foshuajoster. HEY IT’S YOU AGAIN! :D My first follower, yet again, here in my biggest fans. Damn, you’ve moved up, haven’t you? Or am I just being crazy? (JK I fucking checked to make sure I wasn’t stupid don’t judge me) I appreciate you and whimsical-liee commented on these last, though I couldn’t comment back because I had no idea how. Yay me. And the friday fans thing isn’t exactly a trend, just something I started to thank my biggest fans. Feel free to copy me XD Also, please never stop replying to unpopular posts. It makes you so awesome, and make me feel less of a loser.

til-death-do-i-part. AHAHAHAA YOU CAN’T TRICK ME I KNOW IT’S YOU WHIMSICAL-LIEE BUT MOSTLY ONLY BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T CHANGE YOUR PICTURE BUT STFU I’M PROUD OF MYSELF. Weren’t you top last week? And the week before? I dunno, I just checked and I’m not doing it again. Anyway, sheeeeesh thank you so much for reblogging from a noob blog like mine, lovely. Hope things get better for you, and thanks for your hair. I always wanted to be a ginger. :D


August 09 2013
  1. senseless-tragedy said: Haha It works cause on mine, you’re my biggest fan too. So thankyou! :3
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